Maritime Photography

People, Ports and Vessels

Westerdam; Sitka, Alaska;  2013.
Queen Elizabeth 2; Southampon; 2008.
Star Princess; Strait of Juan de Fuca. 2013.
Harbor Workers; Victoria, British Columbia: 2013.
Tugboat Race; Seattle; 2013.
Famous Funnel; Southampton; 2008.
United States and Sail-up Window; Philadelphia; 2006.
United States Behind Fence; Philadelphia; 2006.
Star Princess; Victoria, British Columbia; 2013.
Regatta and Plane; Ketchikan, Alaska; 2013.
Celebrity Summit; North Pacific; 2006.
Queen Elizabeth 2; Southampton.;2008.
Mexican Pilot Boat.
Michelangelo; New York Harbor; 1971.
Queen Mary 2; North Atlantic;  2008.
Fisherman; Alaska;  2013.
Bon Voyage!; New York Harbor; 1970.

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